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Brief list of FAQs

What is the FNLA?

The FNLA is an autonomous entity established to oversee short-term lending service businesses within and from First Nations Territories. Our goal is to promote economic development, self-sufficiency, and good governance.

What services does the FNLA provide?

We oversee all short-term lending service businesses operating within and from First Nations’ Territories. This includes businesses offering goods, services, or credit in exchange for interest, finance charges, fees, rent, or other forms of consideration within the First Nations’ Territory, as well as transactions originating from within the Territory, such as installment loans.

How can a business offer short-term loan services under FNLA's oversight?

If you’re interested in offering short-term lending services within a First Nations’ Territory(ies), start by reviewing our Charter, regulations and guidelines. If your business aligns with our requirements, you can apply to be a “Certified Member” of the FNLA. We encourage you to reach out to us at for more information.

How do we contact the FNLA?

You can contact the FNLA at We are here to assist and guide you.

What is the FNLA's approach to dispute resolution?

The FNLA has a comprehensive dispute resolution policy in place to address conflicts that may arise between short-term lending service businesses and their clients. If you find yourself in a dispute, please reach out to us at or, and we will guide you through the resolution process.

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