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About Us

Welcome to the First Nations Lenders’ Authority (FNLA) established in 2019 within the vibrant Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake. We are an independent body entrusted with the vital role of overseeing and regulating short-term lending service businesses within and from First Nations Territories. Our mission is deeply rooted in promoting economic development, self-sufficiency, peace, order, and good governance for the communities we serve.

The FNLA firmly believes in the power of responsible lending to foster positive economic growth and empower individuals within First Nations’ Territories. With a steadfast commitment to transparency, fairness, and consumer protection, we strive to create an equitable lending landscape where borrowers and lenders can thrive.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to uphold the highest standards of integrity while ensuring fair and equitable practices in the short-term lending industry. Through our dedicated oversight and regulation, we aim to foster economic development, self-sufficiency, and good governance within First Nations Territories.

As advocates for transparency and consumer protection, we work tirelessly to create an environment where short-term lending service businesses operate honestly and in the best interests of consumers and First Nations peoples. By collaborating with stakeholders and driving positive change, we strive to empower both lenders and borrowers, promoting economic prosperity and well-being in our communities.

With our commitment to continuous improvement and visionary thinking, we are dedicated to navigating the lending landscape with unwavering ethics, ensuring a brighter future for all those we serve. Together, let’s shape a lending industry that truly supports the growth and prosperity of First Nations’ Territories.

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